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was live on June 29, 2023

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Tony Morgan


Amy Anderson

After a few years of focus on increasing attendance and online engagement, churches are telling us they no longer have a cohesive sense of being on mission together.

Your congregation today is not your pre-pandemic congregation. And your mission is more than just a statement on your wall. So how do you re-engage and rally your people around a clear, compelling mission again?

The goal of ministry isn’t to keep people busy in church activities.


The goal of ministry is to equip people to become more like Christ and live out their purpose as part of the body of Christ through giving, serving, and living in community. At this one-time live event, Tony Morgan & Amy Anderson will teach you the practical strategies needed to reignite your church’s passion and purpose for living on mission in this season.

Have you found that while your attendance may be up from the last couple years, almost all other engagement metrics are down?


In this webinar, experienced ministry consultants Tony Morgan and Amy Anderson will help you discover the keys to leading your church towards a revitalized mission by:

Accurately framing up your starting point
Creating new ministry strategies—or freshen up your current ones
Rallying and equipping your leaders
Successfully re-launching this fall

You’ll walk away from this event re-energized with the tools you need to rally your church around a common purpose and grow engagement around the key metrics that matter most.

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