FREE WEBINAR: How to Restructure Your Church Staff


Churches today are overstaffed. Their org charts don’t align with their new (post-pandemic) ministry strategies. And the Great Resignation has left serious gaps in leadership. Sound familiar?

You’re perfectly structured to get the results you’re getting today. So, if you don’t like the results you’re getting, it might be time for a change....

Tony 2021

Tony Morgan


Amy Anderson

live on July 28, 2022

Leading an organizational restructuring process is one of the most challenging—and often painful—things a leader has to do.

And there are right and wrong ways to approach it.

Restructuring Your Church Staff


In this one-hour event, Tony Morgan and The Unstuck Group are revealing the three key steps to restructuring your staff—and the tools you’ll need to get there. We’ll unpack:

Assessing your CURRENT team health and performance
Evaluating leadership capacity—and future potential
Re-structuring to fit your ministry strategy
Your specific questions at a Live Q&A

Leave this event with the proper tools and commitment to start the process of restructuring your church staff—for the health and effectiveness of your ministry.


Of all the areas of a ministry that can be difficult to sort out on your own, staffing and structure is probably the hardest.  But it’s too important to the health of your church to delay.

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