Planning Your 2023 Ministry Calendar

From Tony Morgan & The Unstuck Group:

When we fail to plan, we plan to fail.

While the uncertainty of the past couple years has helped us hold loosely to our plans, it’s also helped us realize how necessary planning is.

That’s why we created this free comprehensive resource for you called Planning Your 2023 Ministry Calendar. Video and written content will walk you through the necessity of planning for all ministry areas and help you identify your next steps for planning your 2023 ministry calendar. 

ministry planning 2021

Hear insights from pastors Derwin Gray, Tim Stevens, and Eric Geiger on the topics of:

  • Planning Your Teaching Calendar
  • Planning Your Events & Outreach Calendar
  • Planning Your Leadership Development Calendar

Identify your priorities, define your goals, and plan to win in your ministry this year.

planning your 2022 ministry calendar