Recommended Partners


Churches often ask us for recommendations when they are selecting resources to help them take their next steps.

Church Central Office helps executive pastors focus more on ministry by managing their accounting. We provide a dedicated CFO and done-for-you, end-to-end accounting services. Our team of former executive pastors, church CFOs, accountants, and bookkeepers is uniquely equipped to guide you in a way that no CPA firm ever could.

We’re confident you wouldn’t pay someone to teach your child to swim if they’ve never been in the water. Then let’s not trust your finances to someone who has never been in or led a ministry. Let us apply the best practices we’ve collected across the country and get you the financial insights, strategies, and stewardship your church deserves.

  • End-to-end accounting services for churches
  • Better insights, strategies, and overall stewardship of church finances
  • Dedicated CFO’s and Financial Directors at a fraction of the cost of in-house staff

The Church Lawyers handle just about every kind of legal matter a church could ever encounter. Their team members are actively involved in church ministry and attuned to the unique legal needs of churches and religious nonprofit organizations. It shows in the quality of service to their clients.

One specific service we frequently recommend to our clients: The Church Lawyers Team (CLT) client-member program costs just $2100 a year and gives you a discount and monthly credit towards legal services, as well as access to client-member only forms and documents, training webinars and education.

  • Specialized Legal Services for U.S Churches

Horizons Stewardship helps church leaders make disciples and fund ministry through a collaborative framework that is tailored to the unique culture of the church, aligned with the senior leader’s vision, and implemented through coaching, planning, technology, and analytics to ensure the church lives into its full ministry potential and impact.
  • Annual Giving
  • Capital Giving
  • Special Giving
  • Planning Giving

Leadr is the first people development software designed specifically to develop leaders at every level of your organization. Existing people development solutions are static and cumbersome, built for compliance, rather than employee development. Leadr helps every manager become a coach, leading to consistent, whole employee growth, all managed in one simple and intuitive place. What will you be able to accomplish when every one of your employees is growing? Manage less and lead more with Leadr.

  • People development software
  • Tools to develop leaders
  • Creating meaningful conversations within your team

Over 2000 churches rely on MortarStone’s advanced generosity analytics to increase funding and church attendance. With intelligently designed reporting features and experienced generosity strategies, MortarStone has helped to surface over $20 billion in ministry funding. MortarStone gives you the knowledge you need to engage givers and build relationships for the Kingdom. Offered FREE to UNSTUCK churches – click here to sign up today!

  • 40+ Comprehensive Giving Analytics
  • Strategies for Increasing Giving and Growing Engagement
  • Reports for First Time Givers, Lapsed Givers, Recurring Givers, High-Capacity Givers
  • Communication Templates & Giving Webpage Analysis
  • Free Church Giving Health Assessment

Text In Church is the trusted text and email software to help your church thrive. If you need your message heard, you need Text In Church. The easy-to-use tool helps you engage with your members with 2-way messaging, follow-up with guests using our Automated Workflows and connect with your website traffic using the Plan A Visit feature. If you’re ready to save time, reach more people and increase your ministry impact, start your FREE trial of Text In Church today.
Get to know Vanderbloemen by downloading their free template for Church Staff Reviews.
  • Effective Follow-up with Guests
  • Engaging in Real Conversations
  • Making Your People Feel Known, Noticed & Loved
  • Increasing Attendance & Participation

The members of this team understand ministry and have a heart for helping your church tell its unique story in the most visible places. They are generous creatives and strategists who solve your design challenges: working hard to leverage each space and experience to increase engagement and multiply reach. Get to know PlainJoe Studios by downloading their free ministry brand decision tree.

  • Logo & Brand Identity
  • Web Development & Design
  • Architecture & Renovations
  • Space Theming & Signage
  • Communication Strategy & Staff Development

Vanderbloemen serves churches and ministries by aligning their people solutions for growth: hiring, compensation, succession, and culture. Vanderbloemen provides customized solutions to help you hire the right people, pay them well, plan for the future, and build a culture that lasts. Whether you’re hiring for your next staff member, planning your pastoral succession, or wondering what to pay your team members, Vanderbloemen would be honored to serve you.
Get to know Vanderbloemen by downloading their free template for Church Staff Reviews.
  • Hiring & Staffing Needs
  • Succession planning
  • Compensation & Benefits Analysis
  • Organizational Culture Consulting

Is your website working for you? Is it a tool to help build your business and brand? Does it tell your story in a creative way? Does it present a great first impression? At Artillery, we use strategy throughout the web design process, ensuring your website tells your story in a meaningful way, guiding site visitors to take action.

  • One of the top rated website designers in the Midwest with over 130+ Google Reviews
  • Effective websites built using a strategy-first approach designed to grow your business.
  • Plus Hosting, Maintenance, Security, White-Glove Training, & Ongoing Support!
  • Get a quote today starting at just $1,495