Recommended Partners

Churches often ask us for recommendations when they are selecting resources to help them take their next steps.  

We do our due diligence to make sure we can recommend companies that share our heart and mission for helping churches get unstuck. This is our list of trusted partners. Learn why we recommend them, and check out their free resource offers to get to know them. 

We recommend PlainJoe Studios for:

The members of this team understand ministry and have a heart for helping your church tell its unique story in the most visible places. They are generous creatives and strategists who solve your design challenges: working hard to leverage each space and experience to increase engagement and multiply reach. Get to know PlainJoe Studios with a free sample brand language cue card.

Free Brand Language Cue Card

Brand Language Cue Card - PlainJoe Studios

We recommend The Church Lawyers for:

The Church Lawyers handle just about every kind of legal matter a church could ever encounter. Their team members are actively involved in church ministry and attuned to the unique legal needs of churches and religious nonprofit organizations. It shows in the quality of service to their clients. 

One specific service we frequently recommend to our clients: The Church Lawyers Team (CLT) client-member program costs just $2100 a year and gives you a discount and monthly credit towards legal services, as well as access to client-member only forms and documents, training webinars and education. 

Client Member Program

We recommend Portable Church Industries for:

They design systems to make portable actually work for you—for your budget, for longevity and for the health of your volunteer teams (they really focus on making portable solutions that help volunteer teams thrive, not just survive). We believe they’re the best in this space. They’ll help you avoid costly mistakes and frustrations that can set you back. Get to know Portable Church with this free white paper we co-authored with them.

Free White Paper

We recommend 95Network for:

95% of all the churches in the U.S. are under about 500 in average attendance. So many leaders in smaller churches want to invest in their ministry, but a lack of resources gets in the way. 95Network exists to fill that gap by offering grant funds and compiling resources that specifically relate to the small-church context. They’ve been an incredible resource in helping churches work with us, and are such a great organization for pastors in small and mid-size churches to be connected to. Get to know their heart a little more by downloading this encouraging white paper, 6 Things Every Small-Church Pastor Needs to Hear.

Free White Paper

We recommend Vanderbloemen for:

Vanderbloemen serves churches and ministries by aligning their people solutions for growth: hiring, compensation, succession, and culture. Vanderbloemen provides customized solutions to help you hire the right people, pay them well, plan for the future, and build a culture that lasts. Whether you’re hiring for your next staff member, planning your pastoral succession, or wondering what to pay your team members, Vanderbloemen would be honored to serve you.
Get to know Vanderbloemen by downloading their free template for Church Staff Reviews.

Staff Review Template

We recommend Batts Morrison Wales & Lee for:

Batts Morrison Wales & Lee (BMWL) is a national CPA firm exclusively serving churches, ministries, nonprofits, and their affiliates through audit & assurance, tax, and strategic advisory services. BMWL understands that you want to protect the financial health and reputation of your church. Their service model is built around that very idea. BMWL will help your church protect your mission, maintain strong donor trust and confidence, produce highly effective financial reports, strategically budget for improved financial condition, improve overall risk management, maximize tax exemption, protect your exempt status, provide board member governance orientation and training, simplify your financial administration, and be better informed.

Download their free resource titled, Is Your Organization’s Internal Financial Reporting Process Exactly Backward? for a sample of the types of resources they are dedicated to producing for clients as they help them cover their financial bases.

Free Resource

We routinely introduce our clients to these partners. You can’t go wrong connecting with any group on this list.