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Thanksgiving day is almost here, which signals there are only weeks left for making sure our Christmas services are ready to connect with a crowd that may not normally come to our churches. Christmas really is an opportunity to blow up preconceived notions and reach people outside the faith.

We know creatively planning and executing teaching series and worship experiences can be extremely challenging. Planning far in advance for Christmas seems like a no-brainer, but for all of us who have been part of a Christmas service planning exercise (or simply the Christmas shopping season), we know how quickly it can sneak up on you.

But even if you are just getting started, there is still plenty of time to make the most of the season. Here are four ideas to pique the curiosity of non-believers who attend church only at the holidays.

  1. Plan to launch a teaching series in January that hits a heart-felt need.
    Think about the lost people you know and what concerns they have. What about a series on how to have a better marriage? Or how to have a great relationship with your kids?

  2. Provide a short video about the series at the end of the Christmas service that connects on an emotional level.

  3. Hand-out fliers/invites to the new series as people leave the service.

  4. Equip your church members to invite their friends. (e.g. Create a Facebook event for the new series, etc.)

Don’t stress if you didn’t get a head start on Christmas planning this year: Try to work in some of these ideas and keep them in mind as you evaluate your services’ impact on January attendance.

Photo Credit: Joe Buckingham via Flickr cc

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