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StagnatingHave you ever received negative feedback on your leadership you weren’t expecting?

I recall an example when I was leading a small group of students several years ago. We’d had five years of extraordinary relational success, spiritual growth, and now the group was approaching its last year before the students left for college. What we were doing seemed to be working. Out of the blue, some of the students told me they were dissatisfied, and that they felt like I wasn’t as engaged as I had been. I never saw it coming, and it got my attention. It was painful to hear, but they recognized I was stagnating as a small group leader.

I think the tendency for any leader – no matter how large or small the team you’re leading – is to push and grow and stretch to a point. But once things seem to be working, our blind spots grow larger. Sometimes, we can’t even see our own weaknesses anymore. This is a problem for people who are supposed to be champions of vision.

If we are wise, we will make it a point to find ways to continue being stretched, and the best way to do that is in community.

This is one reason we do leadership coaching networks. Some leaders find themselves experiencing struggles in leadership for the first time; others are simply committing to take their next step in leadership so they don’t stagnate. Everyone who participates believes leadership ability is a gift, and that God would have us steward it well. As in Jesus’ parable of the talents, we choose to be faithful in what we have and God entrusts us with more.

So, we invite you to take your next step in leadership development with us. We have customized five new coaching networks for leaders serving in several different roles, all facilitated by extremely seasoned leaders in their areas of expertise:

1) Reaching 1,000
Move from reaching hundreds to reaching 1,000 in attendance by clarifying what’s working and what’s wrong, defining an action plan for next steps, and establishing a staffing and ministry structure that supports growth and health.

2) Reaching 2,000 & Beyond
Develop strategies to tackle the unique challenges of larger churches including leadership development, staffing, communications, discipleship and establishing healthy growth engines. (This one is nearly full, so register asap!)

3) Multisite Leadership
Learn from leaders who have served in some of the largest multisite churches in the country about developing a strategy and structure for growing the impact of one church in multiple locations.

4) Small Groups That Work
Move from theory to practical next steps to help your church establish a thriving small groups ministry that provides a path for both healthy community and spiritual formation.

5) Next Level Staffing
Build your team through staffing strategies including hiring and firing, establishing a senior leadership team, structuring for growth, leadership development, managing performance and eliminating team dysfunction.

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A few of our strategic partners are sponsoring these coaching networks, and we’re grateful for their support!

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