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We talk all the time about the ways churches get stuck and our perspective on how they can get unstuck. In our line of work, we meet church leaders who have some huge challenges in front of them. We are continually encouraged by the creativity and energy so many pastors bring to the mission.

So, throughout 2015, we made it a point to share stories from pastors we worked with all across the country when we thought they might encourage you. As we begin to wrap up the year, we wanted to share a recap of the pastor interviews we published this year.

  1. Church Revitalization: This Indiana Wesleyan District Has A Method

    Dr. Aron Willis | Indiana North District of The Wesleyan Church

  2. Eliminating Silos: How Rockpointe Church De-siloed The Student Ministry And Grew

    Pastor Shayne O’Brien | Rockpointe Church in Leander, Texas

  3. Inspire Your Leaders To Lead Again

    Pastor Kurt Nichols | New Song Fellowship Church in Valparaiso, Indiana

  4. Rebuilding Health With Radical Change: Calvary Church Turned The Ship

    Pastor Jeff Price | Calvary Church in Woodstock, Ontario

  5. Becoming A Big Church In A Small Town: Thornapple Valley’s Story

    Pastor Jeff Arnett | Thornapple Valley Church in Hastings, Michigan

  6. Granite United Overcame Debt, Detractors and Doubters In The Least-Churched Part of the US

    Pastor Anthony Milas | Granite United Church in New Hampshire and Massachusetts

  7. Succession Planning: How Westside Community Church Passed The Baton Successfully

    Pastors Ken Wooten and Gabe Kolstad | Westside Community Church in Beaverton, Oregon

  8. Healthiest Churches: How The Church At War Hill Builds A Healthy Culture For Growth

    Pastor Don Allen | The Church at War Hill in Dawsonville, Georgia

  9. Could Your City Keep You From Buying a Building?

    Pastor Phil Chorlian | North Jersey Vineyard Church in Teterboro, New Jersey


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