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Instead of blaming young adults for not engaging in our ministries, it’s about time we start taking some responsibility. Millennials were born into a very different world. What worked to connect with 18 to 34-year-olds in the 2,000’s won’t be the same things that work to connect with the same age group in the next decade. And that may be a tough pill to swallow, judging by how comfortable and predictable so many churches have become with their methods.

As church leaders, we’ve too often asked the wrong questions. We’ve thought building even better facilities, flashier stage designs and killer children’s programs would draw them in. When it doesn’t, it’s too easy to throw our hands up and say it’s their problem. But as Ryan Stigile said in a recent article, it’s senseless to blame customers for not buying your product.


We need to be discovering what really matters to this generation, and presenting the truth of the Gospel in a way they can hear and understand.

Our team pulled together to give you a new eBook on this subject — a series of practical chapters to help church leaders think through some of the most important aspects of reaching and leading Millennials. It’s short and designed to get you asking the right questions.

Download your copy today and share it with your team.

Photo Credit: Rodion Kutsaev via Unsplash CC0
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