How to Assess Your Ministry’s Health: This Is How We Approach It.

How to Assess Your Ministry’s Health: This Is How We Approach It.

What steps have you taken lately to invest in the health of your ministry?

We all want healthy churches but, for some reason, taking time for a check-up isn’t on most pastors’ list of priorities.

Helping churches assess their ministry’s health is a big part — a vital part — of what we do. It’s the first step in our 4-Phase Planning Process because we believe you have to gain perspective before you can appropriately plan for the future.

I wish more churches would take the step to diagnose potential issues before they start negatively impacting the body. But churches are usually experiencing painful symptoms by the time they engage us to help. Regular check-ups can prevent major health failures.

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If you’re curious what this Ministry Health Assessment process looks like, here’s an overview:

  1. We help you check your Vital Signs.

    You complete a comprehensive online ministry survey designed to assess ministry health metrics. Our analysts review the data and provide you with a comprehensive report you can use as benchmarks for progress going forward.

  2. We help you understand where your church is in its life cycle.

    You and your leadership complete the Unstuck Church Assessment, and we dive into the results together. Understanding where you are now is key to moving towards sustained health as a church.

  3. We bring fresh eyes to your Sunday service.

    We’ll visit your church on a Sunday morning as an anonymous first-time guest to report observations on various ministry environments through the eyes of an outsider. This is a real strength of our team — they leave no stone unturned.

  4. We connect with the senior pastor.

    A consultant from our team spends quality time building a relationship with the senior pastor to hear his or her story and talk about the ministry history, future objectives, strategy and staff leadership.

  5. We involve your leaders in looking back, clarifying the present and dreaming for the future.

    We facilitate a collaborative process that allows the whole team to shape our understanding of your church’s health, starting with re-tracing your church’s steps through the years and moving towards a clear picture of what’s right, wrong, confused and missing in the present.

Your team gets an executive summary outlining observations, data benchmarks and specific next steps we would recommend for your church. After that, the senior pastor meets again over a video call with your consultant to review this report and collaborate on how to best position your church to move forward.

The overall process leaves you with:

  • A current snapshot of your ministry’s health so you can make educated decisions about future plans
  • A better understanding of how people see your church when they visit for the first time
  • An objective, fresh perspective on your current strategies and systems

Importantly, while this process may sound painful, it is actually encouraging and energizing, even for very stuck churches. The very first principle of The Unstuck Way is that we bring hope. It’s our commitment to you that we will always provide that.

If this process interests you, click here to learn more about how a Ministry Health Assessment could position your church to fulfill its vision.

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