May 29, 2018

27 Things I’ve Learned After 27 Years of Marriage


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Thoughts from Mrs. Morgan

May 11th was my wedding anniversary. I’ve been married to my wife, Emily, for 27 years. I can’t wait to spend 27 more. Emily posted this on Facebook and I thought it was too good not to share with you. She said that would be ok. She’s pretty wise. And very honest. I hope you enjoy reading her thoughts.

1) My love of something (grilled cheese & tomato soup) doesn’t guarantee his love. And vice versa (football).

2) The season of life doesn’t matter when it comes to televisions: he’ll always want a bigger one and I would gladly live without one.

3) How we handled the little money we had early on is the same way we handle a little more now.

4) He would prefer our furniture be dusted. I don’t dust. And he’s accepted that.

5) We operate best when he is the sole breadwinner and I run the show on the home front.

6) I have to use the bathroom a lot. On road trips, at ballparks, in airplanes. And he’s so patient with me.

7) Looks aren’t everything, but they’re something. And he gets better looking to me as the years go by.

8) I would never order an appetizer, but he nearly always does.

9) I am a morning person. He’s a night owl. This hasn’t changed in 27 years and it’s not going to. We agreed early on to go to bed together, no matter what.

10) He’s fascinated with the future of technology and I. Don’t. Care. I give him freedom to explore and he gives me his old phones and laptops.

11) The toilet seat and lid thing? It’s real. But I love him more than I love having my way.

12) We agreed early on that spending money on education and experiences is important to us, so we’ve budgeted with that in mind.

13) We’ve had great examples of marriage (primarily my parents’) to emulate, but we’ve allowed our marriage to be uniquely ours, taking what we’ve learned and tweaking it to fit us.

14) Taking a walk or riding in a car together and NOT talking is perfectly acceptable quality time for him. I’m still learning this.

15) Our upbringings affect, but don’t dictate, how we handle holidays. We’ve had to decide what’s best for our family.

16) He’s perfectly happy with a bag of pretzels to snack on, but I don’t always buy them. He never complains.

17) He grew up knowing the news and weather. I didn’t. He makes sure I know what I REALLY need to know.

18) We don’t do well working on home projects together. Wallpapering our first home just about did us in, so we just avoid it now. It’s better this way.

19) Tony was a graduate student for our first 9 months of marriage, then an executive at various levels. Executives don’t work part time. And they rarely clock out, either.

20) We equally love our children, but the way we show that to them looks very different.

21) Sex gets better. I never would have guessed. Not in a million years.

22) As much as I want him to read my mind, he just can’t. So I get to tell him what I’m thinking and how I’d like for him to join me in those thoughts.

23) It’s important to us to sit together in church. Even when he was on staff at a church and could have been busy with other things, he sat with me.

24) We say, “I love you” often. And mean it.

25) We’ve always been good at flirting with each other. And we don’t seem to be losing the touch.

26) We thank each other often for the most mundane things. (For example: He always thanks me for a meal, no matter how thrown-together it is. And I thank him for driving, no matter how short the trip.)

27) We are growing old together. We’re watching our children grow up and leave home. And yet, we believe the best days are ahead of us. Love will do that.


— Emily Morgan

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