January 30, 2018

Report Preview – 7 Church Trends to Keep an Eye On | The Unstuck Church Podcast

church trends

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Can Church Health Be Measured? We’ve Figured Out A Few Ways.

Based on our recent data, there’s plenty of room for optimism for today’s church! Attendance and baptisms are increasing and many churches are expanding to multiple services and locations. Although these are all positive indicators, there are still some red flags that stuck churches are ignoring.

In this episode, Amy and I discuss some key church trends and takeaways that churches may be overlooking based on our the latest edition of The Unstuck Church Report, now available.

In this episode, we’re discussing the recent trends in:

  • Attendance and baptisms

  • Engagement in small groups and volunteering

  • Staffing ratios and budget

  • Multisite church growth

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Have you seen these trends in your church and community? Do you have any insights on why this might be? Comment or share on social media using the hashtag #unstuckchurch.

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