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A pastor friend recently asked me this question:

Do you feel like churches miss out on great opportunites because most just hire for the same positions the church has always had (Kids, Students, Worship, Groups)? I want to really think through new positions the church should be hiring as times continue to change.

I thought this might be a question more pastors are asking, so I wanted to share my response.

Regarding staff positions, I still feel the key roles you need to identify are around the “growth engines” of your church. For me, that’s both about numerical growth and spiritual growth. Because of that, I’m seeing churches thinking more about these key positions:

  • Creative Arts (an owner for the weekend service experience who is not typically the worship leader)
  • Connections (someone who champions all next steps beyond the weekend, not just groups)
  • Communications (because we can’t rely solely on Sunday morning platform communications in a digital age)
  • Family Ministry (rather than silos around kids, students, equipping parents, resourcing healthy marriages, etc.)
  • Generosity Development (helping people take practical next steps to better steward their time and money)

Are there other key roles you’re seeing churches prioritize now that they didn’t use to prioritize?

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