How to Develop a Communications Strategy to Increase Church Giving

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by RSI Stewardship

Encouraging people to live generously isn’t nearly as complicated as many church leaders make it. In fact, most people in your church aren’t resistant to giving; they just need to hear some key things from you before they decide to invest their resources into the work your church is doing.

Unfortunately, most church leaders feel overwhelmed and unequipped when it comes to talking about money. It can be uncomfortable and intimidating. However, you can’t expect people to grow in generosity (or achieve the God-sized vision for your church) if you don’t talk about it.

Here are four resources to help you develop a comprehensive communication strategy to increase generosity — from developing a framework to leveraging the latest communication trends:

  1. Church Giving Matters. Most church leaders don’t talk about giving until it’s a problem. Church Giving Matters provides you with a foundation for how to talk about giving and was written to help you change the conversation from “What do we have to cut to survive?” to “What does God want us to do next?”
  2. 10 Things People Want to Hear Before They Will Give to Your Church. Once you’ve established the foundation for your strategy, the next step is understand what motivates your church members to live generously. This resource was created to help you identify the key things your church members want to hear before they make the decision to give.
  3. The Ministry of Giving. Many of the conversations you have about giving, especially if you’re talking with a financial leader about making a major contribution, are going to happen in a more intimate setting. This book was written to help church leaders develop a framework for cultivating financial leaders in their church and learn the tactics that lead high-capacity givers to play a significant role in funding your vision for ministry.
  4. 101 Creative Ways to Use Social Media in Your Next Capital Campaign. Social media offers an incredible opportunity to share what is happening at your church and how people can get involved in the Great Commission. Unfortunately, most senior leaders don’t know where to start when it comes to using it to encourage people to give. This resource was created to help you outline a strategy for using the latest communication technology to increase generosity in your church.

Money doesn’t have to be a topic you avoid in conversation. People are ready to give of their resources to fund the work your church is doing. But you shouldn’t wait to develop givers. You need to figure out how to talk about generosity in healthy ways. If you don’t, your church will remain static and the gifts God intended to fund His church will find their way elsewhere.

Has your church developed a communications strategy to increase generosity in your church? What are some of the tactics that have worked best for you?


This is a sponsored post from RSI Stewardship, one of my strategic partners.


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