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The Unstuck Group works with churches of many different denominations, sizes and models

“Have you worked with a small United Methodist church in the northeast?” 

“Has your team worked with a megachurch in California?” 

“Have you helped a church our size merge with another church?” 

“Have you helped a church like ours go multisite?”

“Do you know what our denomination is like?” 

These are the kinds of questions we hear almost every day. As you consider partnering with The Unstuck Group, you might be wondering if our team has worked with a church like yours before. 

And the answer is, most likely, yes. 

We’ve served more than 500 churches over the last ten years, ranging from small churches in rural communities to large multisite churches in major cities and everything in between. We’ve worked with 150-year-old churches and churches just getting off the ground. 


We serve pastors and churches that are on a mission to help people find and follow Jesus. 

Our mission is to help churches get unstuck and connect with more people. Every tool and process and strategy we develop is created with the top priority of helping churches help people meet and follow Jesus.  

That means we work with churches of many different denominations and sizes and varieties, as long as the main focus remains on Jesus and pointing people to Him. 


We’ve worked with churches all across the United States and Canada, and even some churches in the UK and Central America


The Unstuck Process is tailored to meet the specific needs of your team and church. It’s been proven in the field of ministry to help churches get unstuck and grow and we will make sure it is customized to fit the unique challenges and opportunities facing your church. 

Our team of consultants come from a variety of ministry backgrounds, so we also make sure to partner you with consultants who have experience working with churches like yours. 

The Unstuck Process is right-sized to meet your church’s needs. 

If your church is on a mission to help people meet and follow Jesus and you are looking for help in getting unstuck and navigating the future of ministry, we’d love to hear from you. And if you have any questions, let’s talk

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