Finding Momentum: Unlock the Keys to Healthy Growth


In this season, many pastors feel like they’re just surviving Sunday to Sunday with no real plan for the future. Call it vision, mission, or direction: Many churches have lost what centered them on reaching new people and created the catalyst for healthy growth in the past.

We get it: Clarifying new direction is very difficult. And leading people along the change is even harder. But we can’t keep doing the same things and expecting different results.

Tony 2021

Tony Morgan


Amy Anderson

was live October 20, 2022

1-2 PM EST

We’ve helped more than 500 churches do it. You can do it too...


...and you really have to if you want to build a growth mindset and begin seeing healthy growth again. After all, no church ever drifted back towards sustained health. It’s an uphill, intentional climb for courageous leaders.

Does it feel like you're rowing aimlessly or just drifting—the ministry equivalent of living paycheck to paycheck with no plan for change?


Like Sunday keeps coming, but you haven't taken time to slow down and create a strategic path forward for the future?

In this free one-hour event, Tony Morgan and Amy Anderson will teach you how to kickstart momentum and healthy growth by:

Defining (or Re-defining) Your Mission Field
Crafting a Reach AND Spiritual Formation Strategy (You need both to be healthy!)
Defining and Measuring the Win for the Future

You’ll leave this event equipped and committed to clarifying and communicating a new strategic direction for growth in 2023—Both where your church is going, and how you’re going to get there.

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