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May 23, 2024

1-2 PM EST

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Tony Morgan


Shany Cardenas

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Eric Geiger

jd greear

J.D. Greear

adam starling

Adam Starling

Are you a church leader pursuing greater health and growth for your church in 2024? Does it feel unclear what “works” in ministry right now?

In this webinar, Tony Morgan is sitting down with lead pastors J.D. Greear, Eric Geiger and Adam Starling to discuss what’s actually working in their large churches now to reach new people and engage people in the life of the church.

Churches of all sizes tell us they feel like they are stuck with a playbook that no longer works.

Every church is different, and no one has all the answers.


Instead, we’ll come together as leaders for an open, candid conversation about:

Where these churches are finding momentum in this season
What’s challenging for them
What new things they’re trying
What old plays seem to be working again

Specifically, we’re going to drill down on 4 areas of ministry: reach, engagement, multisite, and staffing & leadership.

The intention of this webinar isn’t to give you “proven strategies” to copy and paste to your own context. Rather, we want to provide encouragement that there are strategies that are working in this season and encourage you to be creative in reaching your own communities.

It’s our hope that you walk away from this event encouraged and energized to plan your 2024 ministry strategy.

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