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We believe a healthy multisite strategy can help you lead more people in your region to Christ.

Our multisite services are designed to help multisite churches clarify their strategy and effectively lead one church in multiple locations.

Our team has 40+ combined years of experience leading in successful multisite churches.

We’re passionate about helping churches find ways to lead more people in more places to a relationship with Jesus.

We’ll use 4 proven components to help you move forward:

During the planning process, we specifically focus on guiding you through these aspects of multisite strategy:

  • Confirming the discipleship path that you intend to replicate
  • Establishing a ministry model for each location
  • Determining the teaching model (video vs. live teachers)
  • Clarifying decision rights (campus vs. central)
  • Planning central support resources
  • Identifying future locations
  • Developing a playbook for campus launches

  • Setting an optimal schedule for launching new campuses
  • Developing a candidate profile for the campus pastor role
  • Defining success for new campuses
  • Outlining initial staff and volunteer leadership teams
  • Establishing financial targets for new campuses
  • Building an action plan for next steps

This experience will set you up to more effectively lead a growing, multisite church. Let's start a conversation.

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Read our white paper on best practices for multisite staff teams based on research with 100+ multisite churches.