Build high-performing and healthy teams, equipped to close the gap between vision and execution.

We’ve found many church staff teams operate in one of two extremes:

They get along with each other but struggle to execute plans… or they are impressively productive but unhealthy and dysfunctional. And, of course, thousands of teams live in the spaces along that spectrum.

Great teams focus on both results and relationships.

Six elements of a high impact church staff team. - The Unstuck Group

What If?

  • everyone on your team knew their priorities and owned them
  • you had meetings where clear decisions were made and action immediately followed you knew how to assess performance and leadership capacity
  • you had a plan to help each team member develop and get better
  • your team was spiritually vibrant and flourishing
  • you knew how to have candid conversations and resolve conflict
  • everyone on your team had a good work/life balance
  • you knew how to confidently structure your team to support your ministry strategy

6 Aspects of High Impact Teams

Personal Health

Team Health

Personal Performance

Team Performance

Organizational Culture

Systems & Structure

Through the Unstuck Teams Process, we can guide you to lead staff teams that get stuff done and love working together—spiritually, emotionally, and relationally healthy, as well as productive and high-performing

“From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.” Ephesians 4:16

The Unstuck Teams Process


The win for this phase of the process is that we establish a healthy starting point with a clear understanding of the gifts and strengths of your team members, as well as the underlying causes for the pain points you feel related to team performance and health. 


This phase has two primary goals: To ensure your team is structured to effectively fulfill your mission and vision, and to help you assess and develop your staff so that everyone can function at their highest potential. 


The win for this visit is that your team starts getting traction as you implement best practices throughout the organization. You’ll start feeling the results of increased health (spiritual vibrancy, healthy rhythms and emotional health) and performance (clear wins, personal productivity and management best practices).


The win for this phase is that you implement best practices, structures and systems that will help your team to accomplish more, with the added support of coaching from our team for six months.


At the end of this process, you will be positioned to experience the synergy of teams that are both high-performing and healthy.

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Your team is the most valuable asset you have for making progress toward your vision. Through this process, we coach and guide your team to maximize its potential—and that’s one of the most strategic investments you can make.

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