March 30, 2015

The Year of the Executive Pastor


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We love ALL church leaders at Church Community Builder, and we work hard to provide software and services that help them steward God’s people well. However, one of the most critical leaders, in our opinion, is the Executive Pastor. Your church may call this person by a different name, such as Director of Operations, Associate Pastor, or one of many others, but if you are tasked with implementing the vision and mission God gives to the Lead Pastor, then we have some new resources for you. As an Executive Pastor (XP), you wear many different hats. Operational Manager. Staff Leader. Strategic Collaborator. Keeper of the Reports. It all rolls up to you. You’re a Jack-of-all-trades who has to think simultaneously about a big-picture vision of the future and the nuance of a thousand moving parts in the present. You lead the budget meetings and shepherd ministry leaders. You approve overtime and oversee construction of the new Children’s Wing. Oh, and sometimes you need to preach.

We have declared 2015 to be the year of the Executive Pastor at Church Community Builder. Here’s a few reasons why:

  1. They often determine what really makes their church different and unique.
  2. They must be the one who says NO to good things in order to say yes to great things.
  3. They understand that good data is often a church’s most important asset
  4. They are key to equipping the saints and empowering the ministry.
  5. They set the pace and establish the processes that will drive success.

“I want everyone working together, going in the same direction.”

This is a powerful quote from Andrew Reichart, Executive Pastor at Discovery Christian Church in Colorado Springs. It highlights a theme I’ve heard from almost every Executive Pastor I’ve ever met. Simply put, XP’s have to get the people, processes, and systems of their church working in harmony. And it’s not just because it makes sense. It’s actually about something way more important than the vision of our church … it’s about the stewardship of the people God has entrusted to us. Watch the video below for more insight on this from Andrew.

You have a lot on your plate, and we want to help!

As I hang out with the amazing men and women who have been called to this role in their local church, here are four questions I hear them ask over and over again — along with the solutions we have developed specifically to answer those questions.

  1. What tools can help me equip my leaders to make disciples who go and make more disciples? This is the premise on which Church Community Builder was founded. Our software is, at its very core, an equipping tool for leaders who desire to steward and disciple God’s people.
  2. How can I quickly and easily monitor the critical data about our church? Say hello to our Executive Pastor Dashboard. Additionally, we’ve created the ability to save and schedule reports, which surface more of the information you need to lead well.
  3. Where can I connect with my peers to learn in a safe environment? This is a BIG one! So many XPs desire to connect with other XPs to learn in an interactive way. A local group may not always be a safe place to share, and conferences just don’t completely meet the need. That is why we created Tribes, and we just launched several for Executive Pastors. You can sign up today, even if you don’t use Church Community Builder’s software.
  4. Where can I get one-on-one consulting for specific challenges and opportunities I face?  Whether we do anything about it or not, there are times when all of us could benefit from the value of personalized coaching. Church Community Builder has developed assessments and coaching services designed to help you navigate your most critical challenges and most exciting opportunities. We’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t as we serve thousands of churches of all shapes and sizes. Our coaches love leveraging that experience to help leaders like you unlock their full potential.

This is only the beginning for us and for you. We love all who are called to lead in the context of the local church, but we know that success most often rides on the shoulders of the Executive Pastor. For that reason, you will continue to see Church Community Builder develop tools and services which can help you achieve the God-sized goals that can sometimes keep you up at night.

What questions are keeping you up at night?  Where do you go for the answers?

Tony Morgan

Tony is the Founder and Lead Strategist of The Unstuck Group. Started in 2009, The Unstuck Group has served 500 churches throughout the United States and several countries around the world. Previously, Tony served on the senior leadership teams of three rapidly growing churches including NewSpring Church in South Carolina. He has five published books including, The Unstuck Church, and, with Amy Anderson, he hosts The Unstuck Church Podcast which has thousands of listeners each month.

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