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Last week we had the opportunity to host a conversation about leading change in 2017 on a webinar featuring Tony Morgan, Carey Nieuwhof, Paul Alexander and Gabe Kolstad.

We focused on three big changes that over 600 pastors told us they most desired to lead in the next year. These topics included:

  • Building Momentum Around a New Vision

    What can a pastor do to generate excitement and buy-in around a new vision?

  • Reorganizing Your Leadership Structure

    What does a healthy leadership structure look like?

  • Simplifying Your Discipleship Pathway

    What are practical steps we can take to create simplicity?

If you missed out, you can find the replay here:

YouTube video


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Tiffany Deluccia -

Tiffany is our Director of Sales & Marketing. She graduated from Clemson University, and before joining The Unstuck Group, worked in public relations with major national retail brands, nonprofits and churches on content creation, strategic planning, communication consulting, social media and media relations.

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