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I recently finished reading H3 Leadership by Brad Lomenick. This is definitely one of the best books I have read this year. Brad was very transparent when describing his leadership journey, and the main points of the book challenged and inspired me to make some big changes in my life. As I read, I wrote down some questions we all probably need to be asking on a regular basis:

12 Questions Every Leader Needs To Be Asking

1) Is my leadership shaped by my identity?

“Influencers should lead from the inside out so that their identity shapes their leadership rather than the other way around.”

2) Am I an authentic leader? 

“People would rather follow a leader who is always real versus a leader who is always right.”

3) Is my private life worth following? 

“Your private life determines your public legacy.”

4) What am I doing for personal growth? 

“If you’re not learning, you’re not leading to your full potential.”

5) Are positive changes taking place because of my leadership? 

“Leaders imagine a different future and change the order of things, regardless of title or position.”

6) Am I failing regularly or do I play it safe? 

“If you are not failing you’re not risking enough.”

7) Do I procrastinate projects that need to be completed? 

“Unfinished projects might as well never have been started.”

8) What am I producing for my team? 

“Some of us need to put down the megaphone and just grab a shovel.”

9) Am I too busy to invest in my team? 

“When you prioritize your team, your team will prioritize you.”

10) Is there something that I do not like about my team? 

“Your team mirrors you, if there is something about your team you don’t like, you probably created it.”

11) Would the people closest to me see me as a generous leader? 

“Generosity is more than how one spends money; it’s a holistic posture that should animate everything a leader does.”

12) Who am I investing in? 

“One of the most difficult lessons for leaders to learn is how to let go.”

I encourage you to start this week by reflecting on these questions, but also, to take it a step further. Set a reminder on your calendar for three months from now to revisit them. Your answers will change with different seasons of ministry and leadership.

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