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If you’ve already got your Easter sermon fully baked, you’re probably ahead of the game. If you’re still working on yours, I want to throw a few questions at you.

We’ve written a lot about reaching and leading Millennials over the last year. Now’s an appropriate time to ask yourself if everything you’re reading is making any difference in how you prepare and how you communicate.

There will be Millennials at your Church this Easter. Your communication from the pulpit will have a direct impact on the number that come back again. I implore you to truly look at everything your church will do and say this weekend through the lens of an “outsider.”

As the lead communicator, you set the bar. How will your message treat the uneducated and the unconvinced who find themselves in your seats in a few weeks?


We’ve been talking to Millennials to narrow down this list. Here are a few questions many of them will have when they hear you preaching. You don’t necessarily need to answer all of these; but, be aware of them. Will you let yourself hear them? Will you let them shape what you share and how you say it?


5 Easter Questions to Answer for Millennials

  1. How do I know Jesus was a real, historical person?

  2. Why should I be convinced a man really rose from the dead?

  3. If Jesus going to the cross was all about love, why do I see so much hatred and judgment in churches?

  4. How do you think this story could change my life after I leave the doors of your church?

  5. Is it ok for me to question what you’re saying?


Remember that authenticity is one of the highest values people of the Millennial generation believe in. Tell them why you are convinced. Tell them in specific terms how Jesus changed your life.

They don’t want to hear you say “the Bible tells us…” if you aren’t also going to tell them why they can trust the Bible as a source. The writers of the Gospels did this for their readers. They gave all kinds of context clues — specific dates, names and places — that their contemporaries would understand as giving veracity to their claims. We should be diligent to give that same help to our listeners today.

As you finish preparing your message, I want to encourage you. We in the Church tend to put a lot of pressure on Easter. Jesus is Lord every day, and He is Lord of Easter. Lift Him up. He draws all to Himself.

This also brings an important reminder to think about who you’re talking to each week beyond Easter. Are you focusing on the right audience? And are you connecting with them?

The Planning Retreat portion of our Unstuck Process helps you determine your mission field based on your area’s demographics. Our facilitated discussions bring clarity to who is included in this, and how you’re going to reach them. So, when you plan your sermons, you know who you’re talking to and how to speak in a way that connects.

But, truthfully, defining your mission field just scratches the surface of our process. Check out more of the details below.

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