About Mark Meyer

Mark has been part of Granger Community Church for 23 years leading various teams and currently is the leader for the Development Team. Previously, he served as the Chief Operations Officer for a technology/ consulting firm in South Bend, Indiana. He facilitates strategy for various organizations, believes the Church and businesses can learn a lot from each other, and thrives on maximizing team performance and culture.

Are Bad Assumptions Driving Your Actions?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

You have assumptions. Probably some core assumptions. You’re making decisions based on some set of information. So what are they? You’re making bets on your time, your resources, your team, the strategic plays you’re running, but are they clearly identified?


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5 Qualities I Want to See in My Pastor

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I get the humbling opportunity to work with scores of churches and pastors every year on their strategic planning and leadership development. It’s fascinating to see the diversity of teams, challenges, personalities, traditions, buildings, and priorities in such a broad sampling.

In addition, I’ve been privileged to learn more about leadership from the church I personally attend than in all my corporate world experience. And from these perspectives, I want to zoom out and ask, “What do I really look for in my pastor? What matters? What makes me drawn to be part of this church?”


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