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    Quarterly Unstuck Church Report

This past June I had the opportunity to spend two days 1-on-1 with my friend, Doug Slaybaugh, who led me through scores of exercises to build a 10-year life plan for this next season ahead. Honestly, some of my motivation was to see the tools so I can train on the tools in December and incorporate into my work with churches, businesses, nonprofits, and their key leaders. After all, I’ve always been a planner and wasn’t sure what “new” insights I would learn about myself, my motivations, and what I believe God has most shaped me to be.

After these two days and a chance to really reflect on what I learned, this experience is pivoting my actions and directions in new and challenging ways. I had more to learn. I’m sure I’ll look back at this investment as a new “turning point” in the months and years ahead.

Some quick thoughts on the whole process:

1. We’re Not Stuck, We Can Grow

We all have the opportunity to dig deeper and learn new insights and skills to lead us to our God-given purpose. Are you stepping out of your comfort zones and stretching yourself in new ways?

2. 10 Years Is A Long Time

A lot will happen (some in my control and many outside of my control). Is my 10 year vision exactly where I land? Most likely not but this process has put me on a trajectory to go after it! God willing, we can do all things. Why look back ten years from now and wonder what might have been?

3. Sometimes We Need To Refine Our Filters

There are so many opportunities to engage in our lives but if we’re not careful, we can end up doing things and investing time in second best. Clarity matters and spending time to look at what and why I say “yes” to the things I do was very helpful (and will continue to be). What might we be doing for reasons or people that go against what we are genuinely passionate about and fills our tanks?

4. Our Past Was Not A Waste

Our past provides building blocks to our future. God doesn’t waste much of anything. No matter if our past is littered with highs or lows, every experience and learning is a building block for our next days – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Our past can be redeemed. Do you look at past failures as building blocks for tomorrow or have they shut you down and made you hesitant to take another crack at it?

5. We Need Trusted Advisors And Guides

I trust Doug and having a neutral, outside set of eyes to get a glimpse of my life and speak into it was very rich. Who are you allowing to see the real you? Your passions, your heart, and your pain. We get better when we allow others who are “for” us, who have a growth mentality, and are encouragers to speak into our lives. Great friends that encourage us can be wind into the sails of our future.

6. A Roadmap Really Helps

We fill our days with random activities that often lead us nowhere. Our lives are short and we have a great purpose. What would the return be on your life if you live one more day a week intentionally with a plan/map of where you’re going vs. passing another day, another week, another year?

The Unstuck Group also offers life planning services. Shoot an email to to inquire.


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Mark Meyer

Mark has been part of Granger Community Church for 23 years leading various teams and currently is the leader for the Development Team. Previously, he served as the Chief Operations Officer for a technology/ consulting firm in South Bend, Indiana. He facilitates strategy for various organizations, believes the Church and businesses can learn a lot from each other, and thrives on maximizing team performance and culture.

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