August 29, 2017

Creative Problem Solving: An Interview with New Unstuck Group Consultant Sean Bublitz


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We’d like to introduce you to Sean Bublitz, one of our newest ministry consultants here at The Unstuck Group. For more than 12 years, Sean has served in various roles in weekend services, arts and senior leadership at Community Christian Church and Granger Community Church.

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with him and hear more about his passion for creativity, problem solving, and quelling the status quo.

CAROLINE: How did you get started with The Unstuck Group?

SEAN: During my time serving at Granger Community Church, I had the opportunity to be part of the strategic planning process for the church. I loved the tools, I enjoyed the process, and I saw the potential for more people to hear about Jesus through intense focus and great planning. That’s why The Unstuck Group exists. When I had the chance to join the team, I was excited about helping other churches experience the same growth we did.

CAROLINE: How did you discover your passion for helping churches get unstuck?

SEAN: I think, like every church leader, I’ve experienced church “stuck-ness.” I’ve lived it. And I know it can be so frustrating as a leader. You try to push the right buttons or pull a new lever to get yourself unstuck, but no luck. But sometimes you’re too close to the problem to see the solution.

Because of my personal experience at times with being stuck and what I’ve learned from that I love getting the opportunity to help churches push through and break barriers. It means more people are hearing about Jesus. That’s the ultimate win.

CAROLINE: You’ve worked a lot with creative arts within the church. How have you seen that affect a church’s ministry?

SEAN: One thing I’ve learned about art in the church, specifically regarding weekend services, is that there’s no right way to do it. I’ve seen churches in rented spaces with liturgical service flows that are very effective at reaching their community. I’ve also seen large churches with lights, haze and modern music that are just as effective at reaching their community. I’ve discovered that that the most important thing is knowing who is in your community and how to relate with them. We best know and understand the people around us when we can empathize with them and recognize how to best serve them. It is then that we can create inspiring, challenging art that speaks to them and the challenges they are facing. This is what has a profound effect on a community and a huge impact on a church’s ministry.

CAROLINE: Throughout your 12 years of ministry experience, what are the ways you’ve learned to most effectively problem solve?

Problem solving can just be as creative of an endeavor as writing a song or editing a video. It is a complex process that includes evaluation, consideration and careful action. And in my experience, it is best done as a team. The collective thought and creativity of a team who are united in the same mission is a powerful thing. This kind of team can knock down walls. When we try to problem solve on our own, we just knock out a few bricks.

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