July 25, 2018

The Greatest Hits | Episode 51 | The Unstuck Church Podcast

top 5 episodes of the unstuck church podcast

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More Learnings from Our 5 Most Downloaded Episodes

The last year of podcasting has been a lot of fun—for me at least. I hope it’s been fun for you too. You are basically hearing me process out loud the things I’m thinking about ministry and leadership.

Last week we released the 50th episode of The Unstuck Church Podcast. If we’d been really on top of things, we would’ve released these greatest hits last week. But nevertheless, to celebrate 50, Amy and I took a look back at the most downloaded episodes to-date.

We recapped those top topics, and added a few new thoughts for each one.

If you’re new to the podcast, this episode is a great place to start. You might even discover the next 5 episodes to queue up in your podcast app before you get back in the car.

If you’ve been listening all along, get a preview of an episode you may have missed.


In this episode, we gave you a drive-by look at the Top 5 episodes of The Unstuck Church Podcast so far:

  1. 3 Roles a Senior Pastor Can’t Delegate – Episode 16

  2. How to End Mediocre Weekend Experiences – Episode 28

  3. Church Structure: Optimizing for Growth – Episode 24

  4. Pruning: 3 Ministry Areas to Tackle – Episode 23

  5. 4 Shifts to Revitalize a Church – Episode 21

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