August 30, 2013

Measuring church health: How much money should people give?


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They may not say it out loud, but I’ve talked with enough pastors through the years to know that there are two key numbers they’re interested in: attendance and giving. Attendance matters because it’s one measure we have of the impact the church is having in a community. Ironically, giving may actually be a better measure, though, of the real heart change that Jesus is having in people’s lives.

With that, let me share the recent data provided by over 400 churches in our latest Unstuck Church Report. I have a feeling this is going to be very sobering for some of you.

per capita giving

That’s right. Based on self-reported data from 400 churches of all sizes and denominations, the average giving per person per week in 2022 was $65.

Now, as you might imagine, there are several variables that will impact this measure. For example, location matters. There are regions of the country where the cost-of-living and wage levels will drive this number up or down. Who you’re reaching also matters. If your church is reaching people outside the faith, it takes time for them to get to the point where they’re ready to give. That said, your stewardship strategy also matters.

Churches that have experienced increases in per capita giving have engaged several of these intentional actions:

  • Identifying a champion for stewardship systems and strategies at the church.
  • Annually teaching a series of messages on biblical money and stewardship principles. And by “series,” I mean three to five consecutive messages, not three messages spread out during the year.
  • Providing coaching for people who need help getting to a healthy place with their personal finances.
  • Engaging stewardship campaigns to fund their vision. They do stewardship every day, and they know stuff you don’t know.
  • Connecting giving with vision. Connecting giving with stories of life change. Connecting giving with spiritual disciplines. Generosity becomes a value that’s not only important to the church’s health—it’s a priority for helping people take their next steps toward Christ.

What are you doing to intentionally help people embrace biblical stewardship principles and apply them to their lives? Are you helping people take their next steps in their area, or are you avoiding the issue for fear of how people will react?

Let me just offer this: If people are stuck financially, they’re looking for help. If you engage this topic with a biblical approach, people will respond in a very positive way. In fact, don’t be surprised if your series helping people tackle financial challenges also grows your attendance… I’ve seen it happen many times.

Need some help connecting your giving strategy to your mission and vision? Let’s talk. You can’t accomplish vision without a strategy to get there.

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