February 10, 2020

The Multisite Process vs. The Unstuck Process: Which One Is Right For Your Church?

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Both processes help you gain perspective, clarify ministry strategy, align staffing and structure and build strong execution skills—but our Multisite Process is tailored to help you replicate effectively.

When a church contacts us, the question often comes up—

“What’s the real difference between your multisite process and the standard unstuck process?” 

Here’s a simple way to put it—


Our strategic planning process focuses on vision, growth and discipleship strategies, staffing structure, and action. It’s for any church that needs clarity around where they’re headed next and how they’re going to get there.


The multisite process focuses on alignment, multisite systems and structure, and building strong launch plans. It’s effective for churches who already have multiple campuses and are feeling “multistuck,” as well as for for churches planning to go multisite for the first time.

In each of these processes, we follow the same four phases, focusing on assessing the church’s health, clarifying ministry strategy, staffing/structure and action. 

But, if you’re a multisite church, you know the added complexity that comes with replicating this across multiple locations. This is why we tailored our multisite process to focus on providing guidance in nuanced areas like these—  

While there is no single right strategy for multisite teaching, there is a way that is best for your church.

Before decisions can be made, the team has to first decide how decisions will be made.

Everyone hopes to find the right fit for the campus pastor role, but as we often say, hope is not a strategy. We have several resources that can help your church identify who will be the best fit in this position.

This multisite toolkit helps you determine which model is best for you, build a customized launch plan and more. We think you’ll find these resources invaluable. 


Regardless of which process you pursue, at the end, you have a comprehensive, customized ministry plan, and the structure and systems to help you execute. You’re responsible for putting the plan into action, but we help provide accountability and coaching along the way—including one-on-one coaching for both the senior and executive pastor. 

And—we know churches of different sizes have different strengths and challenges. So we right-size our processes to your church’s needs. We’ve tailored our process to serve churches under 200 and more than 20,000 in average attendance and everything in between.

Still wondering which process is best for you and your team?

Let’s talk. We’d like to hear your heart and tell you more about ours. We can share more details about our processes and what you can expect to get out of them.

The Multisite Unstuck Process

Start a conversation today to learn more about how we can help you continue to fulfill God’s calling on your church to reach more people in more places.

Sean Bublitz

For more than 12 years Sean has served in various roles in weekend services, arts and senior leadership at Community Christian Church (Naperville, IL) and Granger Community Church (Granger, IN). He has a passion for creativity, problem solving, and quelling the status quo. He and his wife Jill live in Granger, Indiana with their 5 kids.

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