The real-time conversations our team is having about getting churches unstuck.

We explore common challenges in ministry and practical steps for tackling them. It’s kind of like getting to be a fly on the wall of our weekly staff meetings.

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“Super insightful, helpful and disturbing.”

Andy Stanley via Twitter

Great, practical and applicable.

I’ve been a reader of Tony Morgan’s material for years. Love that he is now doing a podcast. The best part about his material is that you can use it almost regardless of what context you are in. Definitely worth subscribing to.

Jeromie Jones via iTunes

More Solid Gold Than Mr. T

Unstuck is such an apt name. Many of us know what we should be doing but don’t do it because it’s hard. Tony provides super practical advice on how to get the ball rolling.

Rand Hall via iTunes

Great podcast
I was really excited to see this new podcast. I will be adding it to the ones I listen to regularly. I really enjoyed the interview. However, what I enjoyed most was the follow up section discussing how to apply the interview to our unique situations. Thank you for sharing this podcast with us. Can’t wait to listen to more episodes.

Reid Wylie via iTunes

Tony Morgan Is a Great Ministry Coach Who Consistently Offers Great Tools and Resources
His tips and research are relevant and challenging. Leaders will walk away with practical steps that empower them to take bold steps to make greater impact

Weena Denlinger via iTunes

This Is a GREAT Resource for Church Leaders
You’re not only going to get great ideas, be exposed to fantastic leaders who are serving in the trenches, but you’ll be exposed to real actionable steps you can take to get your church unstuck and moving again!

An Executive Pastor via iTunes


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  • Insights, observations and trends for church leaders.

  • Benchmarks in church growth and health from The Unstuck Group’s work serving hundreds of churches across North America each year.

  • Practical advice to help you lead your church towards sustained health.

After listening to The Unstuck Church Podcast, you may want to start these discussions with your own team at your next staff meeting. We hope you will. And we’d love to hear your take—add your thoughts to the conversation on social media using #unstuckchurch.