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Is an ineffective structure keeping your ministry team from executing at its highest potential?

In Scripture, we see that God intends for us to serve alongside other people who complete the Body. A well-rounded leadership team — in roles aligned to the strategy — creates a healthier ministry.

But the reality is, most churches have dysfunction on their leadership and staff teams. If yours does, too, know you’re not alone.

Of all the areas of a ministry that can be difficult to sort out on your own, this one probably takes the cake. When it comes to people, no one is unbiased. And because most ministries are filled with “people-people,” it becomes even more difficult to make calls that are best for the ministry but may rub some people the wrong way.

We believe you really do need an outside perspective on this one—an ally in processing the best possible structure, assessing the leadership capacity on your team today, identifying gaps, and prioritizing which roles need new hires.

For that reason, the Staffing & Structure Review phase of our process often ends up being one churches value even more than they initially expected. It gets your people aligned to your ministry vision and strategy, and it tends to re-energize the team. It helps you eliminate bottlenecks and take off leadership lids.

You start really feeling unstuck.

In Scripture, we see that God intends for us to serve alongside other people who complete the Body. A well-rounded leadership team — in roles aligned to the strategy — creates a healthier ministry. Click To Tweet

Clearly define, “Who does what?”

The win for this phase of the process is that you structure your staff to accomplish the vision. Here are the elements of our approach to helping you do that:

  • You gain a clearer understanding of the individual strengths and group dynamics on your team.

    Prior to our visit, your leaders complete a strengths assessment that reveals the unique gifts and personalities you have on your team. Onsite, we facilitate a group session to share insights on your team’ strengths related to problem-solving, processing info, managing change and facing risk. You get a good visual depicting where strengths gaps exist.
    This part of the process helps you understand more about how God’s wired you and your teammates, and how to better work together as a group. Staff teams love this part!

  • We help you sort out “decision rights.”

    Lack of clarity around decision-making frustrates leaders, slows progress in critical areas, and causes an undercurrent of strain between teammates. These exercises help your team understand the seven ways decisions can be made and clarify how your team will operate going forward.

  • We’ll help you evaluate the leadership capacity of current leaders on your team.

    Your executive team works through a series of exercises designed to help you assess your staff leaders on character, chemistry, competence and culture-shaping behaviors, as well as identify capacity to lead at higher levels. You map out plans to help all your leader take their next steps.

  • We’ll work together on a customized plan for your staffing restructure.

    After a collaborative afternoon work session with your senior leaders, our consultant processes your destination structure and present potential organizational chart drafts, including suggested implementation phases and how to organize the work.

    Your executive team reviews the first drafts and work together to tweak the suggested structure, dig into specific roles, process who will be affected, look for gaps, identify a potential schedule for rolling out changes in phases, etc.

    Within two weeks after the onsite, your consultant provides a summary report that includes a recommended organizational structure aligned to your strategy, as well as prioritized recommendations for hiring and/or transitioning staff members and 2-3 next steps for leading a healthier, more effective team.


That’s the Staffing & Structure Review phase of the Unstuck Process. Equipped with a clear plan and an Unstuck team member to coach you, you start leading through the restructure in an appropriate time frame. If you’re engaged in our full process, you’re also building your team’s systems and rhythms for execution that put the plan into action.

Tiffany Deluccia

Tiffany is our Director of Sales & Marketing. She graduated from Clemson University, and before joining The Unstuck Group, worked in public relations with major national retail brands, nonprofits and churches on content creation, strategic planning, communication consulting, social media and media relations.

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