May 15, 2023

How The Journey Clarified Its Structure, Systems, and Strategy for Healthy Multisite Expansion

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Without a clear assessment of where you are today and a clear strategy in the four key multisite areas, going multisite or adding a new campus can get your church multistuck. 

Before the Multisite Unstuck Process, The Journey (Newark, DE) was already healthy and growing. However, they knew that they were about to face some major challenges that could potentially hinder their church’s future growth and health as they prepared to expand from two locations to three.

Instead of waiting for those challenges to arise, The Journey took a proactive approach—seeking out external wisdom to help them “identify the challenges ahead and prepare for them, so that our health and growth can continue for years to come.”

Identifying the Gaps & Challenges Ahead

Lead Pastor Mark Johnston had followed Tony Morgan and The Unstuck Group from a distance for years when a friend in ministry encouraged him to take the leap and consider the Unstuck Process. 

“Our biggest challenge was realizing that while we were doing many things well, we still had 2-3 big gaps that, if left unaddressed, could sabotage our future growth,” Pastor Mark recalled. “With the guidance of The Unstuck Group, we were able to identify and address those gaps. The results have been exceptional.” 

Tangible Wins from the Unstuck Process

When asked what tangible wins came from the process, Pastor Mark shared:

“One of the unexpected, but immensely helpful, parts of this process has been a much more consistent, effective, and life-giving approach to evaluating the health and capacity of our staff and leaders. As Tony Morgan often says, ‘A great leader can only take a church so far; it’s a great team that takes it the rest of the way.’

Although some of our team members weren’t on board with the new strategy, God showed up by reinforcing for the team members who were “all in” what it would take to see continued success as a church; bringing unity, determination, and excitement about the future.

Working with Unstuck has empowered our key staff and leaders to take ownership of the vision and their part in it, including their own self-development, in new and inspiring ways.

I’ve been around the church world block, and nobody nails the blend of structure, systems, and strategy for scaling like Unstuck does.”

If you’re considering going multisite, adding a new campus, or simply anticipating challenges ahead in your ministry, consider taking a proactive approach like The Journey did. 

Learn more about how the Unstuck Process and Multisite Unstuck Process can help you identify and address gaps in your structure, systems, and strategy so that your church can thrive despite the challenges ahead.

Jordan An

Jordan is our Digital Marketing Manager. She graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University and, prior to joining The Unstuck Group, worked in social media and marketing communications for a Christian non-profit media ministry. She lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with her husband Sam, and enjoys leading worship at her local church.

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