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Multisite will multiply exactly who you are today. Nothing more. Nothing less.

If you and your team are dreaming about the potential growth that comes through adding new campuses, you’re not alone. We’re seeing more and more churches considering multisite as a next step. This isn’t selfish dreaming either. These churches have typically created environments to engage the unchurched, developed a discipleship pathway to help people grow spiritually, and equipped leaders to advance the mission. All of that is worthy of multiplication.

But… there is always a but…

The multiplication of multisite does not discriminate. When your church goes multisite, it is not only the good that will grow. Multisite has a way of expanding or reproducing everything in a church. What were once tiny cracks in strategy become large gaps in ministry. Small concerns expand into major problems. Slight misunderstandings become significant communication breakdowns. Unhealthy systems and leaders become widely exposed.


Going multisite fixes nothing. It only multiplies everything.

Dave D’Angelo and I recently committed ourselves to helping churches avoid the major pitfalls we’ve seen repeatedly when churches spend more time planning to launch a campus than they do preparing to operate as a multisite church. We want multisite to be a multiplier of ministry rather than a stumbling block.

Our new eBook, Multisite Church Pitfalls: 7 Dangers You Cannot Afford to Ignore addresses the following mistakes we’ve seen do the most damage:

  1. Having the What Without the Why
  2. Failing to Define The Multisite Approach
  3. Undervaluing the Campus Pastor
  4. Leaving Campuses Without Centralized Support
  5. Lacking a Framework for Decision-Making
  6. Operating Without Critical Systems
  7. Chasing a Dream Instead of Launching with a Plan

Free to Unstuck Readers

If your church is considering multisite or currently experiencing challenges with multiple campuses, we want to give you this eBook for free. From now until Wednesday, July 13, readers of The Unstuck Group can download the Kindle version from Amazon for free. All we ask is that you leave an honest review (positive or negative) when you’re done.

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We’ve seen first-hand how God can use an intentional multisite strategy to impact a region. We hope this resource gives you the perspective to see the problems that lie ahead along with the steps you can take to prepare for them. Ultimately, we hope it helps you reach more people in more communities for Jesus.


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