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The Unstuck Group recently conducted a small research project to identify the top five most common “core issues” of churches that go through our StratOp process. One of these common recurring issues is happening in Small Groups. Our metrics indicate that churches are having a difficult time engaging people beyond weekend services.

Finding qualified small group leaders can be challenging; seeing people get connected seems to be even a greater hurdle.

This week, I connected with Chris Surratt, a ministry consultant with The Unstuck Group, about how to identify and overcome some of these common issues. Here are some of the interview highlights:

  • One reason many churches struggle with small groups is an unclear expectation of what they are and what they can be.
  • Churches also have a hard time grasping how to fund and resource groups.
  • Letting groups do whatever they want with no guardrails will prevent people from going where you want them to go.
  • Many senior pastors like small groups but are not completely bought into them. If senior pastors don’t lead the way, churches tend to limit how much they buy into them.
  • Other churches struggle because they constantly change their small group strategy. Consistency is the key for any ministry.
  • Designing a small group ministry requires a people-person who is skilled in developing systems.
  • Churches get stuck on how high they raise the bar for leadership. This shrinks the box for how many groups you will have.
  • Never underestimate the amount of coaches needed to support small group leaders.
  • Life change happens best in the context of community.

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