We help churches get unstuck.


We can equip you to grow your church's impact and your own effectiveness as a leader-helping you to successfully align vision, strategy, team and action.

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Join 600+ churches that have engaged our Unstuck Process to make a greater Kingdom impact

The Unstuck Group serves churches with fewer than 200 in average attendance to more than 20,000 and everything in between.

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Leaders tend to see stuckness first. Do these tell-tale signs sound familiar?

You're not reaching enough new people, and you're not sure what to do differently.
You're over-staffed and/or missing key roles, but restructuring your staff feels daunting.
You know you need to communicate a new vision for the future, but leading change feels overwhelming.
You just feel stuck and need a clear path forward.


How are we doing?



Where are we going?



Who is doing what?



Put the plan into action.



Measure your progress.

Finding Momentum and Health

"Staff is healthier. We're continuing to make a greater impact. The number of people that we've had come to faith is up over 180%. As a ministry, we're more innovative and creative as missionaries to reach our culture."

Derwin Gray

Transformation Church

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Church Consulting

We don't love the term "church consulting" for what we do. (We wouldn't use it if it didn't help pastors find us!) What we really do is help pastors clarify where God's called the church to go in the future, and how you'll get there-and then we coach you as you lead change.

  • Unstuck Process

    You engage our church consulting process in two phases: Planning & Implementation

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  • Multisite

    We believe a healthy multisite strategy can help you lead more people in your region to Christ.

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  • Staffing and Structure

    Get the right people in the right roles.

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  • Mergers

    Get a clear perspective and clarify the future for a new ministry, together.

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  • Digital Strategy

    Your digital ministry strategy is your new front door.

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  • Networks & Denominations

    Facilitated strategic planning to aid church networks and denominational leaders.

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Six months after engaging our team for church consulting, 9 out of 10 pastors recommend us to another church-because they are seeing real results.


The best two days of strategic planning I've ever done

"Clear, helpful and practical, we did what I thought would take us months (create a new vision) in just two days. Impressive."

Carey Nieuwhof

Connexus Church

mark johnston the journey

Unstuck is fantastic!

This has been the most helpful consulting partnership we’ve had when it comes to structuring and strategizing for multiplication: clear, concise, and backed up by lots of data and experience. Amy and Tony have been a gift to our team and a catalyst for our future.

Mark Johnston

The Journey

Getting Started with The Unstuck Group is easy.

Schedule a Call

The first step to getting started is a short form and scheduling a call. We'll start a conversation, listen to your unique story and answer your questions.

Start the Planning Phase

During our planning phase we'll work together to create a comprehensive, customized ministry plan + the structure and systems to help you execute in the first 90 days.

Grow Through the Implementation Phase

The Implementation & Follow-Through Phase begins in the 4th month and includes consulting and accountability for the ministry team as you execute your strategic plan and measure progress.

The Unstuck Group helped reverse our plateau.

David McQueen

Beltway Park Church

We found ourselves at a place where we knew something wasn't quite right but we couldn't quite put our finger on it. We didn't want to wait until we got really stuck.

David McQueen

Beltway Park Church

Unstuck Learning Hub

In ministry, it can feel like Sunday's always coming. Investing in your own development as a church leader often gets put on the backburner. With the Unstuck Learning Hub, we've made it easy for you to access ministry training and practical tools for church leadership-online and on-demand.


You get unrestricted access to the archive of every Unstuck Masterclass on a variety ministry leadership topics from top leaders.

Online Courses

Module based, in-depth courses from The Unstuck Group equip pastors with biblical principles and best practices for church leadership.

Digital Resource Library

Download a full library of toolkits and templates you need to put a plan into action, plus The Unstuck Group's eBooks, whitepapers and research reports.


Access to our online ministry health assessments, and corresponding coaching calls to help you understand your assessment results and point you towards the best strategic next steps.

Private Facebook Group

Connect with Unstuck Consultants via our subscribers-only Facebook group to ask ministry questions and collaborate with other pastors.

Get started in the Unstuck Learning Hub today and work through the tools at your own pace-just $49/mo.

Free Content

We deliver free, practical tools every week to help you get your church unstuck.

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    Quarterly Unstuck Church Report

Most organizations start, grow, thrive, lose momentum, decline, and eventually end.

That doesn't have to be your church's story. With The Unstuck Group, you have an experienced ally in your corner helping guide you to build a thriving church.

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