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Here’s what the churches we have served are saying.

“It was the best two days of strategic planning I’ve ever done. Clear, helpful and practical, we did what I thought would take us months (create a new vision) in just two days. Impressive.”
Carey Nieuwhof, Lead Pastor of Connexus Church in Barrie, Ontario
“I highly recommend The Unstuck Group to help your ministry move through growth barriers, to reposition your church to be more effective or to start new strategic initiatives.”
Brian Bloye, Senior Pastor of West Ridge Church near Atlanta, Georgia
“This was the first time as a church we have engaged in a process like this. As a team we were quite nervous and really did not know what to expect. The way we were guided through the process, which helped uncover our desire for the ministry, was exceptional. Our next steps to move towards grasping this future were clear and compelling.”
Billy Ritchie, Milton Keynes Christian Centre in Milton Keynes, UK
“They bring a fresh dose of strategic thinking and insight.”
Tim Stevens, Executive Search Consultant Team Leader at Vanderbloemen Search Group
“Tony’s help through the staffing and structuring solutions was invaluable. He opened our eyes to needs to address and gave us insight into how to strategically align for the future.”
J.R. Lee, Lead Pastor of Freedom Church in Acworth, Georgia
“We are more confident than ever about the future of our church. I feel more confident in my staff and trust them more because we are all on the same page. The vision is no longer mine or just the pastor’s vision, but it has become the the church’s vision because of the tools we were given.”
Ty Bean, Senior Pastor of Cowboy Junction Church in Hobbs, New Mexico
“The coaching network with Paul was one of the most beneficial experiences of my ministry life. The network gatherings were fun, challenging, and full of leadership exercises that provided me with tools to lead more effectively and move people towards a focused goal. I highly recommend this experience!”
Ira Towns, Executive Pastor at Atlantic Shores Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia
“God used Tony Morgan and his team to help us take a healthy look at our church, and discern the best steps for an exciting future of increasing impact in the kingdom.”
Matthew Hartsfield, Lead Pastor of Van Dyke Church in Florida
“The Strat Op process gave us a clear picture of where we are and how to get where we want to be. It was helpful for the longer tenured staff to see where we lost momentum. It was also helpful for the newer staff to see where we have come from and to better understand why some things are the way they are. All staff are on the same page, and we are rapidly regaining momentum.”
Lee Boyd, Lead Pastor of Destination Church in Prestonburg, Kentucky

“The fact that we came together as a team and clarified our priorities allowed us to immediately release staff and volunteers to accomplish things they already wanted to do! Most of our action items have been fully or almost fully accomplished, and this has given a boost to the church. We are relying on the power of the Holy Spirit to do the work of bringing people and changing lives, and these action initiatives helped us do our part in that Kingdom work.”

Jarod Osborne, Lead Pastor of Warsaw Wesleyan Church in Warsaw, Indiana
“The process helped the team to think through key issues collectively and arrive at conclusions that we now support as a team. And, better yet, the process led us to clearly defined and critical action steps that will help the us become more effective at achieving what God has called NEXT Church to do. Engaging The Unstuck Group was the right decision for our church and could not have come at a better time in our life cycle.”
Tom Taylor, Executive Pastor of NEXT Church in Brevard, North Carolina
“As always, the staff of The Unstuck Group have executed their role with relational brilliance, knowing when to consult, when to probe, and when to prescribe.”
Joel Dryden, Executive Pastor of Richwoods Christian Church in Peoria, Illinois
“The Unstuck Group walked us through what they believed would be the best structure that would align with our long term vision. What really stuck out to us was the fact they were not merely leaning on their own wisdom but they took time to pray about what would be God’s plan for Parker Hill.
The consultants were available in the process to answer questions and guide our team even after the staffing assessment.”
Steve Brown, Campus Pastor at Parker Hill Community Church in Scranton, Pennsylvania
“What a two-day experience for The Crossing! I strongly believe the overall experience with The Unstuck Group is a defining moment for us. The traction gained because of the collective process is HUGE.”
Tim Celek, Lead Pastor of The Crossing Church in Costa Mesa, California

“We feel this process was a necessary next step for us. Our board was a little resistant to spending the money to hire Unstuck and you guys have already proven to them that this is worth our money and our time. Thank you guys for your professionalism, but thank you even more for caring so deeply about the Kingdom of God.”

Josh Crain, Senior Pastor of The Meeting House in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

“I absolutely loved the 4-phase planning process. I cannot express how much I appreciated Mark’s approach to the process and the entire weekend. It was like working with someone we have known for a long time, even though we haven’t. He did a fantastic job facilitating the planning process and I am glad this is not the end of our journey together, but the beginning.”

Dan McLaughlin, Lead Pastor of Community Congregational Church in Franklin, IN


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