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Wondering how pastors of multisite churches lead effectively across multiple locations?

That is a question The Unstuck Group has been digging into lately. We released our study of over 100 multisite churches and held a webinar to discuss the findings.

You’ll have to check out those resources to get all the insights. But here are a few significant ways multisite churches are staying staffing to stay unstuck:

1) SIZE: Waiting until they have the strength to go multisite.

Based on our research, churches are less likely to go multisite until they have at least 1,000 people in weekly attendance. This points to a few areas of strength required of an effective multisite church. Growing churches of over 1,000 have refined and proven their ministry models. They also have the ability to establish staff and volunteer depth from which to send out campus launch teams.

When it comes to multisite, having a critical mass really does make a difference.

2) STRUCTURE: Leading ministry through a matrix.

Two out of three multisite churches are utilizing a matrix structure to connect their campus staff to two uniquely gifted leaders. Their campus pastor provides local vision, leadership coaching, accountability, and care. Their central leader equips them with the strategies and resources needed to lead their specific ministries.

You can learn more about the matrix structure and find a visual example in our new white paper.

3) STRATEGY: Making strategic decisions through a Central Services team.

The relationship between campus pastors and central leaders can often be unclear and even strained. Tension generally stems from confusion about how decisions get made. In 60% of multisite churches, strategic decisions are made by the central services team.

This style of decision-making creates alignment across multiple locations, maximizing resources and a proven ministry model. By the time a church reaches four total campuses, we believe this Central Services team becomes essential.

This is just a glimpse of our recent insights on leading a multisite church. Want to learn more? Check out these deeper resources for multisite churches and for single-site churches considering their first campus launch:


Are you a reader?

You’ll love our full research white paper on One Team. Multiple Locations: How Staff Teams at Effective Multisite Churches Overcome Distance and Lead Together. Get your free download.


Prefer to watch?

Check out our on-demand replay of the Making Multisite Work webinar.

Need help?

multisite unstuckIf you’re a multisite church feeling stuck in your staffing and structure areas, check out our newest online course—Multisite Unstuck.

We’re seeing more and more multisite churches unintentionally find themselves at the point of “un-multisiting,” with senior pastors finding themselves thinking, “How did we get here?”

This course is designed to help you navigate running a healthy multisite church through exercises and discussions that will facilitate important conversations with you and your team, all from the convenience of your computer. It really gets down to the why, helps you establish a strategy for multisite success and gives tangible next steps to set you on your feet.

We’re excited about building this multisite community, and I hope you’ll join us!

Ryan Stigile

Ryan Stigile serves as the Co-Founder and Executive Pastor of Nuvo Church. Prior to that, he served as the Executive Pastor of Ministry at Rock Bridge Community Church and Director of Expansion for NewPointe Community Church. Ryan has a Master of Business Administration from Kennesaw State University and degrees in business administration and discipleship ministry from Lee University. He lives in Columbus, OH with his wife Emily and their daughter, Addison.

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