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What if an experienced ministry leader could bring your team a fresh perspective on your strategies, systems and structure?

Our Ministry Health Assessment gives you a current snapshot of your ministry’s health and helps to best position your church to fulfill its vision. Here’s how it works:

You’ll take our online ministry surveys. One analyzes metrics so we have an unbiased benchmark for measuring your church’s health. The other analyzes your leadership team’s perception of your church’s health. The results of each survey serve as the baseline for our consultants as they build a plan for engaging with your team.
We’ll send a “secret shopper” to your church to experience your various service weekend environments. This helps us get to know you. It also allows us to give you some insights into how a first-timer experiences your services.
We’ll travel to your church for an on-site visit with you and your leadership team. This typically includes a focused conversation with the senior pastor and group sessions with your staff team and lay leadership team.
We’ll engage conversations with your team to determine what’s working and where there’s opportunity for improvement. We’ll take a look back at where you’ve come from and assess where you are currently.
We’ll compile your data from the ministry surveys and share approximately 15 key benchmarks so that you can begin to discover where your church is compared with all the other churches we’ve worked with in the past.
We’ll deliver an executive summary with observations, comparisons of various benchmarks to like-minded churches and specific recommendations for next steps. Don’t be surprised if we encourage you to engage in a full strategic operating plan process. We want to help you turn vision into action.
We’ll schedule a follow up call or video chat to review the executive summary together. We want to answer questions and point you in the right direction so that you are confident in your next steps.

We’d love to answer your questions about how a Ministry Health Assessment can help your church get unstuck. Click below to start a conversation.

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