About Austin Savage

Austin is the Marketing & Communications Intern for The Unstuck Group. Hailing from Normal, IL, Austin is a Senior at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago where he studies Communications. As a pastor's kid, Austin grew up in the church and began leading worship at fourteen. He is passionate about seeing churches grow healthier and is very excited to help churches get unstuck.

3 Things Every Great Church Leader Does

Here at The Unstuck Group, we talk a lot about leadership. As our team helps churches all across the country, we consistently see examples of great church leaders who inspire change and lead effectively. These leaders have many differing characteristics that make their leadership so effective and unique, but we’ve noticed there are 3 things that are true of each of them:


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Meeting in a Movie Theater? 3 Ways to Make Family Ministry Successful

Thousands of churches across America have adopted a portable strategy for their church, and movie theaters have become popular options. But we’ve noticed a key area where churches who meet in movie theaters consistently get stuck: children’s and student ministry.


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Webinar Replay – #Multistuck: 4 Mistakes Churches Make When Launching a Campus

How can multisite churches avoid the common pitfalls? A few weeks ago, we hosted a conversation between Tony MorganGavin Adams, Paul Alexander, and Tammy Kelley about the 4 most common mistakes we have seen churches make when launching a new campus:


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Greeting or Welcoming? Hospitality Is in the Details.

My sister has always struggled with the Church. She went for a while, exploring different church options, but found most to be unwelcoming, unfriendly. There were many weeks when she would sit alone, no one ever taking the time to speak with her beyond greeting her at the door. In her experience, the door was where a church’s welcoming stopped.

Today, she has walked away from the church.


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