About Ryan Stigile

Ryan is a Strategic Analyst for The Unstuck Group. He is also the Director of Expansion at NewPointe Community Church, a six campus church in Northeast Ohio. There, he is focused on the launch and continued development of new campuses. Ryan has a Master of Business Administration from Kennesaw State University and degrees in business administration and discipleship ministry from Lee University.

How the Best Church Leaders Develop Teams That Drive Growth & Health

Recently, we partnered with Vanderbloemen Search Group to ask church leaders how they staff and structure their churches. Unsure of exactly what we would find, our goal was to discover the best practices that churches are using to build great teams. Now four months later, we’re blown away by both the response and results!


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What Comes After Vision-Casting?

Have you ever been hiking in a group when the leader got too far ahead, leaving some to find their own route and end up lost? It matters little that these hikers knew up front where the group was headed or what they planned to do when they got there: When they tried to find their own path, they ultimately failed. And it wasn’t necessarily their fault.


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