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was live on September 28

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Tony Morgan


Amy Anderson

If we want the legacy of our leadership to outlive us, we have to focus on giving leadership away to the next generation.

At this free 1-hour webinar, Tony Morgan and Amy Anderson will empower you with the systems and strategies to confidently structure your church for future impact.

Your structure is perfectly designed to get the results you’re seeing today.

If you don’t like the results you’re seeing, it might be time for change.


Most churches today are experiencing significant staffing challenges. In this free training, we'll help you:

Assess Current Team Health & Performance
Evaluate Your Next Gen Leadership Capacity & Potential
Structure to Your Strategy TODAY
Map Out a Potential Future Structure to Begin Preparing You to Hand Off Leadership

Commit TODAY to start the process of structuring your church to your strategy with an intentional focus on developing the leaders of the future.

"This webinar was full of great thoughts that pastors and leaders from every size and every age church can grab and begin to immediately apply at some level."

– Jim G.

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