Measuring the Health of Your Senior Leadership Team


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I know this is probably an odd question to ask, but are you helping your senior leadership team take their next steps toward Christ? Think about it. Your team spends hours praying for new ideas for reaching new people. They develop strategies for increasing volunteer engagement. Your team creates discipleship plans for new believers. They arrive to church early and are typically the last ones to leave.

I think we tend to under-emphasize the spiritual health of our leadership teams. It is very dangerous to assume that everyone on your team is healthy. When someone gives their life to Christ, serves in a ministry and is eventually elevated to a senior leadership position, it is easy to forget about helping them take their next steps.

Even the apostle Paul had to keep pressing toward the mark. His leadership position did not keep him from discouragement and temptation. No leader has “arrived.” It is important to make sure that leaders at every level continue growing in their walk with God. Someone has to be responsible for making this a priority.

  • Who is the Chief Health Officer in your organization?
  • Who is making sure the team is in a spiritually healthy place?
  • Who is holding your senior leadership team accountable for taking time off to be with their family?
  • Who asks them about their prayer life or the health of their marriage?
  • Does someone hold your team members accountable for tithing and giving?

Teams will become healthier if they are having conversations about financial difficulties, marital problems, temptations, hidden struggles and other topics that many teams tend to avoid.

How are you doing with the “sharing life” side of leadership? Join the conversation by sharing your comment.

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