In a convenient online format, courses from The Unstuck Group equip pastors with biblical principles and best practices for church leadership.

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We’re finding a lot of pastors face challenges in ministry they feel unprepared to address.
Our online ministry courses provide training and tools, in the context of community with other church leaders, to help you learn the skills you need to remove barriers to health and growth in your church.

Leading an Unstuck Church Course Online Ministry Course


Learn the biblical wisdom and practical next steps to take to address the 12 most common core issues getting churches stuck. Remove barriers to health and growth in your church.

Explore the Course


  • 12 online lessons + training videos
  • whiteboard diagrams
  • self-evaluation tools
  • staff meeting discussion guides
  • recommended action items
  • ministry strategy worksheets

  • private Facebook Group

  • PDF versions of lessons & exercises

Multisite Unstuck Online Ministry Course


Learn and apply best practices to find greater multisite effectiveness in your unique context.

Explore the Course


  • A course you can take at your own pace and revisit at any time for review.

  • Video content from Tony Morgan and Amy Anderson.

  • Eleven modules addressing key areas where multisite churches often get stuck.

  • Interactive activities and facilitator discussion guides that position you to lead your team through the Multisite Unstuck process in your unique context.

  • Downloadable handouts and activity instructions when you need them.


Learn the skills and the systems to grow more confident as the leader of your ministry team, and enjoy leading the most unstuck church staff you’ve ever had.

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“Almost every church we work with has identified that one of their key team challenges is related to effective meetings.

‘They’re long, they’re boring, we talk about the same things every time but never take action.’

Sound familiar? The good news is, most of the problems that cause ineffective meetings are solvable. In this tool, we walk you through nine meeting components, or behaviors, that can get your meetings (live or on video) back on track.”

Amy Anderson, Director of Consulting


“I am genuinely beyond grateful for this course. Grounded in over two decades of hard-won, ‘sleeves rolled up’ experience, this course cuts straight to the chase. Starting with the clear and compelling biblical context, each module puts into laser-sharp focus those areas worth focusing upon for maximum impact. Whether your church needs a slight course correction or a major ‘unstucking job,’ the materials, tools and resources offered throughout the course will enable you and your team to generate an immediate and palpable impact on your ministry.”

G.J. Mollenkramer, American Protestant Church of The Hague

“Unlike other courses and conferences I have gone through there are step by step practices to help us implement what we are learning. This course has opened the door to much needed conversations within our organization. These are conversations and lessons we will cycle through and review and analyze annually. I would highly recommend this to any pastor that wants to see their church grow and move forward. It has been worth every penny.”

Aaron Escamilla, New Community Church, Mesquite, Texas

“This class gave our leadership uniform language to use so we can be clear as we wrestle with tough questions like discerning direction for our church. Everything was presented in way that gave us focus. It allowed us to work through a process of providing clarity and direction with the follow through of a plan. We are by no means perfect but this class gave us the starting place and the steps to build needed momentum in our church.”

Shawn Hogue, Galloway United Methodist Church, Franklin, Pennsylvania

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