February 11, 2015

Should Your Church Go Multi-Site? An Interview with Paul Alexander and Jim Tomberlin


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I took some time to interview Paul Alexander and Jim Tomberlin about multi-site strategy in 2015. Check it out here:

YouTube video

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • There are now 5,000+ multi-site churches in our country.
  • 37% of all multi-site churches start through mergers.
  • Most multi-site churches (85%) never grow beyond three total locations. Jim says most still act like a single-site church by not re-structuring to handle more campuses. But trying to add a 4th campus without changing your systems and structure rarely works.
  • Multi-site is not a growth engine. It will accelerate growth in a healthy church, but if you’re not already outreach-driven, multi-site probably won’t work to help you grow.
  • The average size of a church that adds its first multi-site campus is 1,200.

If multi-site is part of your focus this year, consider joining Paul Alexander for The Unstuck Group’s first-ever Multi-Site Leadership Coaching Network. It starts in April, but the deadline to apply is March 6. We only have 12 spots for this network, and they go quick. Find out more and register at TheUnstuckGroup.com.


Photo Credit: radialmonster via Compfight cc

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