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Recently, we partnered with Vanderbloemen Search Group to ask church leaders how they staff and structure their churches. Unsure of exactly what we would find, our goal was to discover the best practices that churches are using to build great teams. Now four months later, we’re blown away by both the response and results!

Over 600 church leaders participated in this project. Their churches grew by an average of 10% in 2014. Many of the churches grew by significantly more than that. Several of them even doubled in size! We set out to uncover what the leaders of these fast-growing churches were doing differently to take their team to the next level. Here’s a glimpse of what we discovered:

We found that not all senior leadership teams are alike. In fact, there are 3 attributes of high-level senior leadership teams that help them lead their churches to an average 17% growth.

We also found that churches with fewer staff members per capita are actually growing faster; also at an average of 17%.

Additionally, there are 3 leadership development practices that are being used to grow next level teams. Churches using those practices are growing by 22% on average.

Interested in learning how pastors at the fastest-growing churches are leading their staff? Join us for the free Next Level Teams webinar on January 21 at 1:00 pm EST. Tony Morgan will host a conversation with William Vanderbloemen and members of The Unstuck Group team to reveal what these fast-growing churches have been doing differently. The webinar will last 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of live Q&A on your most pressing church staffing questions.

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