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Our Year in Review

2019—what a great year. 

A few weeks ago, I sent my team to Phoenix for our annual team gathering. It’s always one of my favorite weeks of the year. 

We got the chance to recharge together thanks to a really great resource my team is developing for 2020. 

I shared these items with my team and I couldn’t help but share them with you—

(Amy and I also recorded a podcast episode highlighting some of these items. You can listen to that here if you’re interested.)

1. Celebrated 10 years of The Unstuck Group

Back in June, we celebrated 10 years of The Unstuck Group helping churches get unstuck. I feel so fortunate to get to do what I do. 

To reflect, my team and I wrote about a few topics in increments of 10. It’s really connected well with our readers—check them out.

2. A Full 12 months with new Unstuck Process

Though we’ve served hundreds of churches, we still continue to try new approaches, improve previous processes and continuously assess and tweak how we help churches get unstuck.

I worked with my team to completely revamp our process for helping churches move toward sustained health. We made some critical shifts and we’re seeing a lot great results. One year later and I’m still re-energized by the improvements my team developed.

3. We added five new team members

Have I told you before that I love my team? It’s a great crew of people, and I’m really excited about the newest five that have joined our team as well. They’re joining the best mission on the planet. 

You probably see Lance “around” the most—he’s written some really great content and some even better books. Plus—you’ll be seeing a lot more of him in 2020. We’re close to launching something new that I see lacking in the Church. It’s going to be good. 

4. MultiSite Solutions merged with The Unstuck Group

I believe a healthy multisite strategy can help you lead more people in your region to Christ. And I love finding like-minded leaders who see the potential of this strategy and invest the time and energy to working out the most effective ways to apply it for expanding the Kingdom. Jim Tomberlin is one of those people.

After a few years of exploration, I feel fortunate to launch 2020 officially together under one banner. I really believe we can serve local churches better together.

5. Launched the Multisite Unstuck Course

We see so many churches going multisite without a clear strategy. And because of this, they end up multistuck.

A strategy that was supposed to help you engage more people, maximize resources and eliminate space constraints can instead knot things up in multiple areas of the ministry—leaving you feeling stuck and unsure of how to get back to momentum and health.

Instead of “un-multisiting,” it is possible to get things moving again. With 100+ years of multisite experience on our team, we’ve laid out a clear path in the Multisite Unstuck Course to help you lead your multisite church towards sustained health. This was our second, comprehensive online ministry training resource for church leaders, and we’re really excited about it.

Get on the waiting list so you can jump in when enrollment opens back up. 

6. Started Leader Conversation Guides for The Unstuck Church Podcast

Each week, we’re having short, candid and practical conversations about the common challenges we see getting churches stuck. A lot of you have reached out to mention it’s been a helpful resource for you. If you’d like us to hear us talk about something specific in 2020, you can let us know here

7. Served our 400th church

I’m really excited about this milestone. I remember sitting in my basement about 10 years ago with one of the first members of The Unstuck Group team, Mark. We visioned to get to help 500 churches get unstuck. I’m feeling good about hitting that in 2020. 

And truthfully? I’m feeling like our vision wasn’t big enough. 

8. The Unstuck Church Toolkit

In the last few years, my team and I have invested significant time and resources into creating digital experiences that will allow more churches to access training and practical tools for getting unstuck.

The Unstuck Church Toolkit is one way we have started equipping church networks and denominations to invest in church revitalization efforts on a broader scale. It affords you an access to a suite of resources we’ve developed to help churches get unstuck. 

If you’re interested in learning more about what’s included for your network or denomination, connect with us here.

9. My favorite thing to report—more than 6,000 people were baptized in the churches we served this past year

This is what it’s all about—life change and people coming to know Jesus. That was a fantastic finding for me. 

We’re heading into 2020 with a lot to celebrate and more to look forward to. 

Last year, I released a podcast episode on my New Year’s Resolutions for churches for 2019. And honestly, a lot of those resolutions stand true as we approach 2020.  You can listen to that here, but I also recommend looking into some of the resources below. And they’re all free. 🙂


The Unstuck Church Assessment

Get clarity on where you are. Without awareness and perspective, you’ll lack the resources to take steps towards health. 

This free, 15 minute assessment helps you determine where your church sits in the life cycle.

Free Sample Lessons from Leading an Unstuck Church Course and Multisite Unstuck Course

Preview each online course with a free 30 minute module to take the first steps towards equipping yourself to lead necessary changes in your church. If you like what you see, join the waiting list. We’ll be opening enrollment a few times next year.

The Unstuck Church Podcast

Each week, it’s like you’re in our staff meetings. We’re talking about the most common issues we see in churches with practical solutions to tackle them. 

Start by listening to the top 3 most downloaded episodes of 2019—

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