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Still trying to figure out exactly what the role of a campus pastor should be? You’re not alone. Thousands of churches across the country have gone multi-site, spurring thousands more to consider it. Multi-campus churches have become one of the biggest trends in church planting, and with that comes a lot of discussion about how to do it well.

The role of Ā ā€œCampus Pastorā€ may seem a bit confusing,Ā so here are a few thoughts on how this positionĀ can be an effective member of the team that helps grow the church.

  1. Campus PastorsĀ Champion the Culture and Vision

    For many people who attend a multi-site church, the campus pastor is the personal connection. He is the vision champion, the inspiration that connects this community to the larger church. A campus pastor should have a gift for reading his environment and translating the mission to the people he is shepherding.In this structure, he’s responsible for replicating culture, rather than creating it from scratch.Ā He doesn’t have to defineĀ the mission, vision, values, doctrine, etc., but he should be able to inspireĀ alignment with them.

  2. Campus Pastors Lead a Team to Accomplish the Mission in a New Context

    Campus pastors should be able to lead a team to get things done since theyĀ will ultimately need to “own” the vision in theirĀ community. They need to be passionate about the local culture and be able to help the senior leadership team understand how to reach it. The campus pastorĀ serves asĀ their “eyes on the ground.”He should be able to raise up leaders and volunteers to effectively implementĀ goals, calendars and budgets of all ministries on theĀ campus to furtherĀ the vision. Great campus pastors develop staff and create a healthy environment for ministry and growth but are also capable of cooperating with the “central” leadership team to integrate resources, collaborate and stay on the same page.

  3. Love and Care for the Congregation

    Perhaps most of all, campus pastors need a passion for the local church. Without it, the role becomes fruitless. Campus pastors make large churches feel intimate. They witness the transformed lives. They are in tune with the needs of the people they shepherd.They do a lot of what the biblical definition of a pastoring entails:Ā caringĀ for the total well-being of theĀ “flock” entrusted to them.

Want further help defining the role of a Campus Pastor? Check out our newest online courseā€”Multisite Unstuck.

Specifically, module 5 dives into 8 success factors to keep in mind before hiring a campus pastor for a multisite location.

But further than that, this course helps you navigate running a healthy multisite church through exercises and discussions that will facilitate important conversations within your teamā€”all from the convenience of your computer.

It really gets down to theĀ why,Ā helps you establish a strategy for multisite success and gives tangible next steps to set you on your feet.

Instead of ā€œun-multisiting,ā€ letā€™s get things moving again. Check out the details here.

Tiffany Deluccia -

Tiffany is our Director of Sales & Marketing. She graduated from Clemson University, and before joining The Unstuck Group, worked in public relations with major national retail brands, nonprofits and churches on content creation, strategic planning, communication consulting, social media and media relations.

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