To Multisite or Un-Multisite: Clarify a Path Forward


Is your current multisite strategy producing the positive outcomes you hoped it would?

Multisite can easily get your church multi-stuck. But regardless of the multisite issues you may be facing, there is a clear next step toward health.

tony morgan headshot

Tony Morgan

Founder + Lead Strategist
Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson

Director of Consulting

live on MARCH 31, 2022

Many multisite churches are struggling with the negative outcomes of their multisite model and wondering: should we continue, or un-multisite?


When done correctly, multisite can be an extremely effective tool for carrying out the mission of the Church. But not all multisite strategies are created equal. 

Clarify a clear path forward for multisite


At this free webinar event, Tony Morgan and Amy Anderson will share stories of what strategies are working (and aren't working) for REAL multisite churches across the country. They'll also dive into:

The predictable outcomes of popular multisite models
Defining the key role of the campus pastor
How to fix a broken multisite strategy
Knowing when it's time to UN-multisite

You'll leave this event with the tools you need to fix your multisite strategy—or to make the decision to un-multisite for the health of your church.