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A few weeks ago, we posted a few podcast recommendations from our team members.

Today, we’re back with more. These podcasts episodes feature topics we are really passionate about—discipleship, culture and hospitality. Check out what our team is listening to this week.


1. 3 Fundamentals You Need to Build a Strong Company Culture (StoryBrand with Donald Miller)

Sean Bublitz, consultant at The Unstuck Group, recommends this podcast episode on culture. Donald Miller talks with Patrick Lencioni about the characteristics of a great team member, and the practical ways you can help your team develop those traits.

2. Key Issues for Follow-Up of Guests (Rainer on Leadership)

Bublitz also recommends Thom Rainer’s podcast highlighting guest-follow up. We commonly see follow-up issues in churches, and always encourage improvements to make guests feel more welcome. Check out these six keys to helping your first-timers stick around.

3. What’s Wrong With Discipleship, False Maturity and Bi-Vocational Ministry (Carey Nieuwhof)

Another consultant, Chad Hunt, recommends this podcast episode on discipleship and defining spiritual maturity. Daniel Im talks with Carey about addressing discipleship in churches and practical ways to diagnose unknown issues with this topic.


Also check out the The Unstuck Church Podcast! Tony Morgan and Amy Anderson also host a weekly podcast around church leadership and growth topics that you can subscribe to here. Check out some of our recent popular episodes:

Show Me the Money

No one gets into ministry for the money. But does that mean church leaders should be paid less? In this episode, Tony and Amy share a biblical foundation for paying staff well, how to practically make it possible, and some simple ways to evaluate how much you should be paying the staff at your church.

Core Issues We’re Seeing in Stuck Churches

We see these same core issues getting churches stuck again and again. But we don’t think it has to be that way. Church leaders who make themselves aware of the pitfalls can avoid them. Last week, Amy and I actually recorded this episode live on Facebook! We discussed five of the most common issues getting churches stuck.

Do you have any podcast recommendations? Share them with us in the comments below or on social media using #unstuckchurch.

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